Beyond Your Portfolio

At HMA, our services don’t just grow business for your hotels. We bring a value to the table that goes well beyond the written word. It’s a “make-sense perspective” that will benefit your entire company, and the other marketing partners you work with.

Our multi-dimensional team is versed on many things. For example, new property development & acquisition, within the United States, or abroad. Our understanding of the data, research and needs that support this process is part of what we do. Our partnership comes to life as we take on the role as your marketing liaison and CRM provider, expertly working with corporate offices, property teams, Owners Rep’s, Revenue Managers and other partners to manage your global customer relationship (CRM) effort. Our team becomes an extension of your corporate marketing department and you can expect to see your company resources organized with an improved data capture effort, with marketing budgets, deployment & tracking in place…quick.

HMA understands how growing a stable marketing process fits into the overall organizational structure, and how its purpose is viewed by senior management and ownership alike. It is an essential part of the bigger equation we simply “get”. In the end, this saves you lots of time & money, and produces unprecedented marketing momentum.

Unique. Comprehensive. Results Oriented.
Flexible to Grow with you.