We Know Hospitality

HMA has provided managed CRM programs for the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Our program blends data intelligence with the marketing support services required by hotel teams to take advantage of today’s technology to produce proven results.

At HMA, all of our clients are hospitality clients. Since we opened our doors in 1984, we’ve delivered successful, results-driven programs for many of the world’s most prominent national and international hotel companies. As a result, we’ve developed a signature ability to guide our property partners to continuous growth and success.

HMA saves you time & money. We have become masters at working with our hotel companies who operate with lean structural models. We produce much more, for much less, much quicker.

We built and operate HMA’s business on the same core principles guiding the most successful hotel companies: Superior service, attention to detail, and exceeding customer expectations. In hospitality, your reputation is everything. The same holds true for HMA. And that’s one reason why hospitality clients are continually referred to us, and the very reason we forge long partnerships with those we serve.

HMA may be the solution you didn’t know you needed.